Sunday, 13 July 2014

3 Times You Don't Need Makeup

3 Times You Don't Need Makeup
We're constantly being fed with ideas on how to be makeup-ready at all times, but what we don't talk enough is about the times we don't need it. 

Here’s my take on when not to wear makeup:

1) The Gym: There are 14,40,00,000 results on Google telling you how to look 'prepped and primed' while working out, or look like a 'glistening goddess' post workout with a dash of bronzer, lick of mascara, touch of blush, swipe of highlighter, and maybe just a bit of concealer applied in a Kim Kardashian-esque way. Ladies! Stop heeding to advice like that, and bask in the endorphin-fuelled afterglow of your workout session. Also, makeup plus sweat can spell disaster for your skin. 

2) Running Errands/Grocery Shopping: I know the irrational fear of bumping into someone you know might prompt you to put on just a teeny-tiny bit of makeup. But, I'd like to believe that a woman's desirability doesn't depend on her ability to look 'effortlessly put together' at all times. Why should we conform to these ridiculous notions of beauty, and why can't we for once, just once embrace our natural selves without worrying about how we're perceived with or without makeup. 

3) Sick Day: A full face of makeup when you're feeling crummy is not the best idea. YouTube is full of 'Sick Day Makeup Routine' videos championing the need for crazy amounts of makeup to make you look and feel better, of course with the help of 7456746 products. Lay off the makeup, and instead keep your face clean and moisturised.

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