A group of leading Gold Coast chefs lunched at Sofitel Hotel’s

The meat was kangaroo and Sofitel's official culinary expert Daniel

Ridgeway introduced an eight-course degustation menu, six

course of which were devoted to kangaroo highlighting a

assortment of presentation methods.The first was the most shocking - titled


the Sphere – a kangaroo consommé encased in a green-shaded

layer like film and sitting in a spoon with shavings of truffle. once

in the mouth the "air pocket" blasts to discharge the fluid and the flavor

el nathan, Publishing manager of FCI, composed the lunch to advance

inside. Yet, it was an intriguing knowledge.

kangaroo and to assemble input from the gold Coast cooks. I was

welcomed to photographically report it, in the meantime test

There was less dependence on the lab for the rest of the

Daniel's imaginative side.Invited culinary experts included; Marty Kolrepp, proprietor/cook of the

dishes – a terrine of vegetables with burned kangaroo and Persian feta;

sublime oskars on Burleigh, Michael Fletcher from the gold Coast Convention

a confit of kangaroo ravioli; a steamed zuchinni bloom with kangaroo,

furthermore, display Center, Jay Jorgensen from Verve, Daran galsgow from Chill,

girolle mushroom mousse and sautéed girolles; a pistachio-crusted

Luke Turner from Spendelove Bistro in Southport,Jason Smith from Café Alba

12 hour kangaroo loin with braised kangaroo shank; and an assiette

furthermore, Saskia Hendriks and Sous culinary expert Stephen Little from the Marriott Surfers

of kangaroo. A strawberry pastry and cherry soufflé finished the lunch

Heaven Resort and Spa. Daniel and his group met the test head on, and

which was facilitated by Sydney based Food Companion International

dished up an astounding dinner of delightfully exhibited, delectably tasting admission.

magazine editorial manager distributer Mel nathan and intended to incite the

considerations of gold Coast gourmet specialists about kangaroo.

We began with a Sphere of pea and cured kangaroo, the kangaroo was

cured for a day, daintily smoked and left to hang in the cool space for one week,

Very respected Matt Moran, of Sydney Restaurant ARIA, is as of now

at that point shaved a sautéed with new pea, pureed and framed into a circle;

on record as expressing it there will never be a business opportunity for kangaroo in

scrumptious vegetable terrine with burned kangaroo was the following dish, perhaps

top eateries and that he would never utilize it. one and only of the lunch

my most loved dish, however too difficult to call, as the following four roo dishes exceeded expectations in

visitors, Marty Kolrepp from oskars on Burliegh confessed to having

presentation, taste and imagination.

a standard kangaroo dish on his menu, while a large portion of the others view

the item as an intermittent extraordinary instead of a perpetual menu

With the remarkable nutritious estimation of kangaroo for your wellbeing, the absolute best

thing. The gourmet specialists included Daniel Ridgeway who introduced the supper,

red meat on the planet and when the broad supply at any rate in this nation,

Marty Kolrepp, Michael Fletcher from the gold Coast Convention and

one can just ask why we don't see increasingly menus' highlighting this magnificent

display Center, Jay Jorgensen from Verve, Daran galsgow from Chill,

meat. Caps off to Daniel and to his group for the significant lunch. The sustenance

Luke Turner from Spendelove Bistro, Jason Smith from Café Alba and

was wonderful, the wine was phenomenal, the administration was impeccable, and the organization

Saskia Hendriks from the Marriott Surfers Paradi


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