10 Keys to a Successful Food Demonstration

1.Know your gathering of people How much experience or learning do they have? What do you need them to learn amid the exhibit?

2.Have a reasonable and basic nourishment message.

3.Be composed and very much arranged.

4.Use proper formulas and gifts.

5.Be beyond any doubt the show territory is bright and appealing and will catch the group of onlookers' consideration.

6.Incorporate nourishment data all through the showing. (See the Fruit and Vegetable Guide for thoughts)

7.Let members taste the nourishment when the formula has been finished.

8.Always take after nourishment security rules.

9.Give the members formulas to take home and any extra flyers or handouts that will fortify the sustenance message.

10.Use assessments to direct future exhibits.

Note: LIA accomplices must acquire a Food Handler's Card before leading sustenance exhibits. See your district wellbeing office for subtle elements on the most proficient method to get a card.


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