Authentic Regional Specialties with a Healthy Twist!

The Network for a Healthy California—Latino Campaign is eager to share Flavors of My Kitchen. This cookbook respects the way of life, composition, and the rich kinds of Latino nourishments. Kinds of My Kitchen is loaded with customary Latino formulas that have been gone down from family to crew. They are bona fide, provincial formulas with a solid turn. The formulas taste incredible, are anything but difficult to make, and are very for you!

The formulas were made with simply the right adjust of flavor and bravo fixings like products of the soil. Kinds of My Kitchen will demonstrat to you that eating sound isn't only bravo, additionally tastes extraordinary! The solid turn on these family top choices will motivate you to roll out sound improvements in your own particular kitchen.

Be a Champion for Change and participate in the convention of going down these formulas that advance more advantageous families. Use Flavors of My Kitchen to help you make new customs that enhance your wellbeing and the strength of those you adore.


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