Bell Pepper Marmalade

Marmalade of capsicum feels so good-looking as well as the food is very tasty. Make sure you also. All of these in your home will appeal especially to children.

Materials needed:
Capsicum (Bell pepper) - 1-1-1 red, yellow, green (400 g)
Lemon - 2 (Take out the juice)
Sugar - 1 1/4 cups (250 grams)
Pepper powder - 1/4 tsp Half

A mesh stand on the gas and keep going. Keep it up, add three bell peppers. Until they turn black from the surface all the best fry-twisting. Weave these to switch off the gas and make them cool. With a clean cloth after cooling Rgdeh capsicum and remove all black rind. Lighter than the black rind is survived by scratching away with a knife, you can also delete it. After removing the rind washed with water and wipe them.
Cut the bell pepper, remove the seeds. Then they cut into pieces large-large. 1/4 bell pepper cut into separate granular and small pieces. In all other major pieces of bell pepper and put in a grinder Grind lighter.

Now on the ground pepper gas and put it in the pan to cook the pieces keep. Mix the sugar and pour in the mixture and cook for 1-2 minutes driving. Cook until the marmalade is the Gadah us.
With the help of a lemon with a peeler, remove the thin layer of the above. Granular layer then was driven to cut marmalade mixture and mix. It also put the pepper and mix well.

If things go well, it's a drop Gadah the marmalade plate dropped it. Between the thumb and finger stick is then cooled, and watch. If the wires are leaving the marmalade is cooked sufficiently.
By closing bell pepper marmalade to cool the gas to leave it. When it's cool to be able to put the lemon juice and mix.

The marmalade is ready Tasty capsicum. After it cools nicely filled in a glass container and keep it. 6 months stay, eat and relax. You burgers, chips, or eat with parathas. You can also let the children in Tiffin with parathas. They will love these.

pay attention:
Filling the containers you want marmalade boiling water to wash, dry in the sun.
Marmalade is clean and dry to remove the use of a spoon.


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