Bundi Raita - Boondi Ka Raita

Raita doubles the taste of food. No amount of vegetables at the table, which has its own importance but raita. The taste of the food is so well Bdahta it helps in digestion. Bundi Raita is instant and food is also very tasty.

Materials needed:
Yogurt - 200g
Budin of flour - 50 grams (half a small bowl)
Roasted cumin - ½ tsp ground
Green pepper - (1 finely chopped)
Salt - to taste (¼ tsp)

Bundi Raita to soak for 5 minutes. Now put in a strainer should squeeze all the water from Bundi. Fant put in a grinder to make yogurt. Fanti put Bundi soaked in yogurt and mix well. Salt, green pepper and cumin and mix them well.

Bundi Raita prepared delicious. Up slightly from the ones put roasted cumin and Pasosen Furnish. Eat, eat and have fun in the raita.


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