Cooking for One or Two

One-and two-man family units are a developing segment in North Dakota and the United States. By 2000 registration, North Dakota has very nearly 164,000

family units with maybe a couple individuals. The U.S. has more than 61 million one-and two-man families.

They all have something in like manner: They have to eat!

Now and again, cooking for maybe a couple might appear as though it's not worth the inconvenience; notwithstanding, everybody needs an assortment of nourishments to stay solid. Custom made suppers as a rule are more nutritious, better tasting and more sparing, contrasted and eatery dinners.

Use MyPlate to

Guide Your Food Choices

Nourishment and physical action assume a fundamental part in keeping up great wellbeing. The most recent U.S. Bureau of Agriculture nourishment symbol, MyPlate, gives individualized arrangements to

guide your nourishment decisions. Visit the site at and enter your sexual orientation, age and physical movement level to print out a customized arrangement. Utilize this manual for arrangement your menus to meet your nutri-tional needs.

Keep in mind these key messages:

•Make at any rate a large portion of your grains entirety

•Vary your veggies

•Focus on organic product

•Get your calcium-rich sustenances

•Go incline with protein


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