Moong dal Moong Dal Badi elder


1 cup moong dal washed
2 tablespoons oil
2-3 large plate

Method (How to make Moong dal Badi):
Wash the lentils and bring clean. Then put in clean water for 2-3 hours of dewy.
Remove all the water from the lentils soak. Grind the lentils little coarse. Pulses of very fine grinding is very tough, so should grind some coarse same.
Fate of ground lentils in a bowl to remove.
Then take a clean plate oily. Bdia with a pulse start to pour in hand. Dal fritters made in the same way as taking up very little in the line of the plate should be on a short distance. If we take out the entire second plate over the plate to put up a big lead.
The plate is put into picking up strong sunlight. Sukh will be very good in the sun for two days. Put around the plate removed from the airtight compartment. Once a month, placing it in the sun is not very long bad.
Should be large as they should and vegetable made out of cans.


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