Potato and Egg Scramble

1. Put tomato sauce, green onions, and dried chiles in

a blender holder, spread with a tight fitting top, and

mix until smooth. Fill a little pan over

low warmth.

2. Shower a medium skillet with nonstick cooking splash.

Include potato and onion and cook over medium warmth

for 10 minutes, blending regularly. Coat vegetables with

cooking shower here and there amid cooking. Uproot

from skillet and keep warm.

3. Beat egg whites and entire eggs with cumin and salt.

Coat skillet again with cooking shower and include eggs;

cook and blend for 5 minutes or until eggs are set. Blend

potato blend into eggs.

4. Top eggs and potatoes with warm sauce, cheddar.

(8-ounce) can

tomato sauce

green onions, sliced

to 3 ancho chiles,

stemmed, seeded, and

torn into strips

Nonstick cooking spray

1½ cups chopped, cooked

potato (about 1 medium

russet potato)*

cup chopped onion

egg whites or ¾ cup of

egg substitute

whole eggs

¼ teaspoon ground cumin

teaspoon salt

  • ½ cup crumbled


  • Queso Fresco cheese


  • 2

  • tablespoons chopped


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