Reduce Your Favorite Recipes

Pick formulas that fit with your tastes and time necessities. Whether you're a 20-something single individual or a "vacant nester couple" with developed kids, you don't have to toss out your most loved family formulas. You can adjust large portions of them to fit your present family unit size.

Attempt these tips to diminish your formulas:

•Choose formulas that are anything but difficult to gap math-ematically. In formulas calling for three eggs, utilize two eggs and uproot 2 to 4 tablespoons of fluid (if present) from the formula. Counsel Table 1 to offer you some assistance with reducing formulas.

•If a formula requires a jar of beans or soup and you might want to separate the formula into equal parts, use what you require and either refrigerate or solidify the remaining sustenance. Name the compartment with the substance and date.

•Add seasonings step by step. Now and then you might need to include progressively (or less) of the zest to achieve the fancied flavor.

•Check for doneness of divided formulas five to

10 minutes sooner than the first formula.

•Keep notes about what works — and what doesn't!


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