The Basic Set-Up

The OTFM supplies the same number of the necessities for the cooking demos as capacity permits. In the event that your business sector does not have nearby storerooms or a trailer, making arrangements for transporting gear will be vital.

To make an exhibit territory which agreeable for both the culinary specialist and its clients, the Old Town Farmers' Market utilizes two 10x10 coverings. The first is utilized for the cooking/testing space and gives space to three tables and a cook top. One table is utilized for the genuine exhibit and presentation, one as a prep station, and the keep going for the sound framework, miscellane-ous supplies and hand washing station. The second shade is raised for the solace of the clients, giving sun and rain insurance as they appreciate the exhibit.

Business sector Chef's Table supplies include:

•Two 10' by 10' pop-up shelters

•Three tables

•Speaker framework with remote receiver


•Two-burner propane cooktop

•Sanitizing pail with cleaning tablets

•Handwashing Station: water compartment, get pail, cleanser, and paper towels (see Hand Washing Station, at right)

•Fire quencher

•First help unit

•Good-quality cutting board that can be cleaned

•Serving utensils

•Netted spread for nourishment

•Food handlers' gloves

•Plates, napkins, plastic product for tests

•Salt and pepper

The cook brings:

•own cutting utensils

•needed pots or skillet

•any fixings not accessible at the business sector, for example, cooking oil, flavors, and so forth...


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